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Servify's Smartphone Ownership Survey Reveals People With First-hand Experience With Repairs Lot More Likely to Invest in Protection Plans


80% of people consider it vital to invest in a Protection Plan for their smartphones, if they have had a service history in the past, reveals Servify's Smartphone Ownership Survey. This was one of the key insights that came out from the survey, that was run across the country with 1,000 smartphone users participating.

People who have had first-hand experience with the high cost of repairs, tend to value investing in Protection Plans a lot more than those who haven't. The survey also throws light on where most users tend to drop their phone, doing what activity and number of times they tend to drop it.

62% respondents reported to have been multitasking when they dropped their smartphone, while 29% were in a crowded place. 50% respondents were on the move, when they dropped their smartphone, while 39% and 33% said the incident took place in their living room and at work, respectively.

The survey also compares the percentage of men dropping their smartphone against women and reveals that 89% of women have dropped their phone at least once, compared to 85% of men. While comparing multiple drops, 73% of women admitted they have dropped their phone on 3 or more occasions, compared to 67% of men.

The results prove that investing in Protection Plans makes more sense than paying the high cost of smartphone repair, especially since dropping a phone is a common occurrence and likely to happen without notice.

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